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Boxed Rockets is written by a Maths teacher for Maths and Numeracy teachers to help them spend less time typing questions/answers and activities onto PowerPoint's and interactive software and more time thinking about their actual lessons and explanations, actually how the activities will be used to help the kids learn.

What's a Topic Rocket?

'Topic Rockets' currently make up the majority of the activities on the site so far. To look at, they are simply typically 4 questions with answers - a quick starter/plenary maybe or useful for some practise in the lesson BUT there are so many more ideas/games/activities these questions can be used for to add a bit more 'sparkle' - Click here for a brief handy guide!

I love Maths, I love sharing resources, I love using the amazing technologies available to us teachers and I love thinking of new ways to engage and enthuse my students, however I have NEVER loved the hours I have spent "planning" which in reality a large chunk of this precious time is spent making things for the interactive whiteboard to facilitate the engaging activity I have thought of. If you are not using the textbook (and don't get me wrong I also feel there is a place for those sometimes too) virtually any activity you can think of involves you needing questions and ideally answers. We are all maths teachers and more than capable of this part I know, but how long have you spent initially sorting questions and answers then messing around moving numbers and symbols on the powerpoint or interactive software only to amuse your class because there is a silly error somewhere, not because your maths is lacking but because you were rushing to make a million interactive boards for all your engaging lessons and activities!

In the 9 years I have been teaching I have dreamt website where I could get questions with answers and good engaging activities that were already presented ready to be projected. A website where the numbers in the questions changed so I could use the same topic or activity as starter, plenary, activity or revision just perhaps in a different and interesting way. I'm currently taking a year "öff" to look after my new little dot and thought it was time to stop dreaming and have a go at this HTML malarkey! I wanted to keep my head in the game and figured this was a great way to prepare myself to teach the new GCSE and hopefully help a few colleagues out along the way. And so 'Boxed Rockets' was born, ideas and activities (i.e small rockets) to create 'fireworks' in you classroom. The idea is simple, create a website that can be used again and again (even for the same topics)) in loads of different ways, see 'Topic Rocket' box.

Boxed rockets is very much a work in progress, so please check back regularly to see what new things have been added. The topics are currently geared towards GCSE (9-1) and Key stage 3 and the site is designed to work just as well on your whiteboard as an Ipad or tablet device belonging to either you or your students!

I hope you find something that helps you ignite your classroom! - not literally - the risk assessment would not be very time saving ☻

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Any Feedback, ideas, suggestions and queries will be warmly welcomed please feel free to email or contact me via twitter @boxedrockets

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