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Starters, plenaries and lesson activities....

Activities to ignite your maths lessons
Card it up!
Ask pupils to use 2 of these questions (& answers) as models to create a colourful, (annotated with method notes) revision card for this topic.
Before & After
Try these Q's before and after the topic has been taught, Look how far you've come in an hour!
Rocket Pen
In your teams of 4 you have ? minutes to come up with the answers to the questions working as a team, BUT only one pen per team, and the pen is so hot it can only be held for 30 secs at a time. (teacher beeps(!) every 30 seconds!) (mini WB's useful here)
Howdy Partner! :Roleplay
In pairs, Pupil 'A' teaches pupil 'B' how to do the questions correctly, meanwhile pupil B tries to think of as many misconceptions/silly mistakes that students might make. (mini WB's useful here)
All Change
Split paper into 4/6 sections same layout to questions on the board, in groups of 4, all start on a different question, write in the correct position on the paper. Working clockwise complete the questions. Teacher says 'all change' at varied intervals. Pupils must pass their paper round, mid-question. Double check and correct any previous work and continue where previous pupil left off.
The 3 M's

In 2/3's discuss & decide on what you think the 3 M's are for the topic questions in front of you.

Method - how do you/could you answer the questions.

Mistakes - What do you think are the common errors people may make.

Minimum - What do you think is the minimum acceptable working out is that needs to be shown.

BOYD! Differentiate/personalise (works well for fdp section)
Pupils to work on different question sets using their own ipads/laptops/tablets, checking own answers, using the 'new questions' button to do as many as they feel they need to be confident in the skill.
Get Real!
Pick one question and design a real life question that could have been asked that needs this calculation.
Time Team (need device per team)
In teams of 3 or 4, complete as many questions as they can in 10 minutes. They will need to show complete working and have self marked as they will have to swap with another team who will check carefully.

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